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VisioPrez is simple enough to need no user or developper documentation except for what's follow here.

The concept
VisioPrez origin from the need to present IT solution architectures, process and other diagrams in last minutes meetings, without the time to prepare Powerpoints or other kind of presentations. As showing only the "big picture" at once is the best way to loose the audience, I turned out using zoom, scroll bars and layer in Visio to get audience attention on precises parts of my diagrams, one after the other. But that's not exacly the fastest way around, so I wondered how I could "record" the screen layout, with coordinates, zoom factor, layers visibility, and navigates from "slide" to "slide" as with a powerpoint presentation ? So, here is VisioPrez...

The ribbon
The VisioPrez Ribbon is very simple. It contains three (3) groups only:


The Slides group handle navigation, with First, Previous, Next and Last buttons as well as new slide creation and slide deletion. The PowerPoint group handles Powerpoint exportations. It's allow the selection of a template and exportation of Visio slides content as Visio Objects, Images object or screen capture. Finally, the Actual slide group display the number of slides defined, the actual slide number and it's title (set with the Presentation properties dialog shown below).

Creation of a new slide
The creation of a new slide is a matter of a second. Just press the New button and your ready to ajust the slide's view. Select a page, move the scroll bars, adjust the zoom level, choose the layers you want visible, maybe hide or show Scroolbars, the grid, the ruler or the page tab. The new slide is automaticaly recorded as soon as you move to another slide or save your file.

Ajusting as slide
Simply move to the slide you want to adjust and go on with your changes.... The slide number and title is displayed in the actual slide group.

The Presentation properties dialog
The presentation properties dialog is displayed when you click on the dialog button at the bottom right of the Slides group on the VisioPrez ribbon.


It looks like this:


The presentation properties dialog allows to:
  • Reorder your slides with drag-n-drop
  • Give a title to each slide and to the presentation
  • Make the rulers, grid, scrollbars and page tab visible or invisible.
  • Select the layers to make visible on each slide
  • Copy view coordinates from one slide to other...

Please note that the presentation properties dialog could force navigation throught your slides to take the "snapshot" needed to display them as thumbnails.

VizioPrez Data
All the additionnal data needed by VisioPrez is recorded in your Visio files as a SolutionXML object.

Sample Visio file
The following is a sample visio file containing VisioPrez slides definitions you can navigate throught.

VisioPrezAddin English.vsd

About english version
There is a bug with the Ribbon Designer of VS 2010. The language property for localisation is not working. So, I choose to make Beta version available only in english for wider audience. French version will be back later...

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